Hwy 10, West of Mandan

Hwy 10, West of Mandan

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Introducing the AWOL Comp

The AWOL Comp, reviewed in March, is now a formal addition to the corral.  Though I’ve yet to ride it beyond the neighborhood, I expect this bike to immediately take over commuting responsibilities, leaving my Surly Cross Check for gravel rides and cyclocross.  Using it for randonneuring is definitely in the plans, particularly for routes with variable road conditions.

The bike represents a hybrid of ideals that will hopefully translate into the most rideable bike I’ve owned.  Aspects of randonneuring, touring, and commuting are evident in the accessories, all brought together on a Reynolds frame inspired by the 2013 Transcontinental Race.

I’m indebted to Epic Sports for team support and expert guidance during the build.  Kudos also to Compass Bicycles, Rivendell Bicycle Works, Peter White Cycles, North St. Bags, Handsome Cycles, Brooks England Ltd, and of course, Recep Yesil and Erik Nohlin (aka Team AWOL) at Specialized.

Here are a few photos taken on this Winter Solstice morning along the Missouri River.

If you would like to see the bike, it will be displayed at Epic Sports through March 2015.