Hwy 10, West of Mandan

Hwy 10, West of Mandan

Monday, October 28, 2013

Five Web Resources for Randonneuring

Randonneurs USA: http://www.rusa.org/
  • THE resource for randonneuring in the United States.
Minnesota Randonneurs: http://www.minnesotarandonneurs.org/
  • Part of the Twin Cities Cycling Club, the Minnesota Randonneurs host an up-to-date website with an event schedule, forums, and related articles.

Rocky Mountain Cycling Club (Colorado Brevets): http://www.rmccrides.com/brevets.htm
  • Brevet schedule and results for RUSA-approved events in Colorado.

Off the Beaten Path: http://janheine.wordpress.com/
  • News from Bicycle Quarterly and Compass Bicycles.  Hosted by Jan Heine, an ‘ancien’ in randonneuring circles.

  • Cyclotourist association founded in 1904 credited with fostering the development of randonneuring in France.  Organizes Paris-Brest-Paris every four years.