Hwy 10, West of Mandan

Hwy 10, West of Mandan

Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Mileage

As it turned out, that ride on November 30th was indeed the last ride of the year.  While there were a few reasonable days for riding, most temperatures throughout December were well below 0°C.  Coupled with the unseasonably cold weather was two weeks of out-of-state travel, which pretty much put a kibosh on physical activity.  So much for having good ‘form’ going into the holiday season!

Despite the lack of riding in this December, my annual mileage was well above the record set in 2012 (3579 miles; an increase of 18%).  Most riding was allocated to commuting and randonneuring (including training for the Munger Bungo)...   …definitely something I’m happy with.

So, a good year!  Achieved a major milestone (600 km brevet), avoided major crashes/mishaps, and set another record for cumulative mileage.  Here’s to keeping the momentum in 2014!

Ride time Mileage
Ride Cumulative Cumulative
Bike count hh:mm:ss km
Road 12 30:23:55 756
Mountain 4 7:54:35 151
Commuter 68 92:29:09 1944
Gravel 19 34:37:11 708
Randoneering 40 95:03:47 2199
TOTAL 143 260:28:37 5759